We have placed three of our seacabins along the old stone jetty, two more on the rocky Northern side of the Island, and the last two units situated above the others on natural ledges in the terrain, with beautiful views overlooking the sea and mountains.
Through the large glass windows you can enjoy the elements from the bed or comfortable chairs. Each hut has two separate bedrooms: The master bedroom has a 160 cm double bed, and the guest room is a 140 cm bed and another “trundle” single bed (90 cm x 2.00) underneath. All huts have a specially designed bathroom and kitchen in corian. Architect Snorre Stinessen is the designer of the huts.
Breakfast is served in the main house, where we  also serve lunch and dinner (advance request only)

See video of the resort here.

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The main house

The main house is originally from the 1800s, but has been through a total makeover, both inside and out. In the old days, there were 9 bedrooms, now the house consist of one large open kitchen and dining area on the first floor and a spacious library with relaxing seating areas on the second floor. Most of the books in the library are from Borges personal expedition collection, including a few shelves with National Geographic Magazine. We have opened up the roof and installed a glass front all the way to the top to let the nature inside.



3 G wireless router is installed in the Mainhouse.


Expedition loft

This building was completed in 2015. On the first floor we have our conference room, with projector and sound, designed for up to 30 people. Upstairs, with a separate entrance, we have 6 sleeping alcoves, bathroom and a separate kitchen. We handle a lot of equipment on Manshausen, and this building is also used for storage.

On the first floor we also have separate bathroom with shower, for our guests in the little red hut or guests coming by private boats.


Hot tub, the dam and sauna

The dam is filled with saltwater that is pumped in so its always fresh. Next to the dam we have a hut-tub for 12-14 people, and with stairs down into the dam you can easily cool off when needed. Sauna is been recently finished, similar design as the cabins so it fits right in !