Family & kids


There are lots of exciting things to do on Manshausen and in the surrounding area. Catch crabs, fish, climb trees, swim. The dam is ready, and next summer we also will have a small football field ready.
Since Manshausen is situated in the middle of the Grøtøy strait, there is very good fishing from the island itself. The sort one can get from Manshausen is cod, pollock, mackerel, halibut and seatrout.
On the north side of Manshausen we have a private beach with lovely white sand. There are also many beautiful sandy beaches on other islands in the immediate vicinity. The special white sand that Steigen is so famous for, comes from the deep coral reefs in the West Fjord, which over thousands of years have washed up on land.
NOTE: Since Manshausen is surrounded by water on all sides, with quite strong tidal currents, we recommend that you bring your own life jacket for your children. Children playing near water should always be supervised by adults.