Our conference room is situated in the 1st floor of Nynaustet, equipped with projector and sound, and the room can take up to 30 people.

In the main house we have a well-equipped kitchen from the Italian brand Varenna. Wine cooler, two ovens and an island suitable for instruction, makes this room perfect for food or wine courses. The library is situated on the 2nd floor, with a comfortable sofa from the Italian brand Cassina, and chairs from the Norwegian brand Fjordfiesta.

The main house, which originally is from the 1800’s, has been refurbished, with new central heating, toilets and large glass windows. We have also installed 3 G wireless Internet from Telenor.

Good ideas often come when the head is emptied of distracting thoughts. Through exciting activities for all levels we lay the foundation for refill and creativity. Here are some of the activities we can offer: Kayakpaddling, with or without instructors. Snorkeling. Climbing and rappel activities, nearby or to such destinations as Hamarøyskaftet. Trekking. Island hopping. Shooting on one of Norways most modern shooting ranges at Hamarøy. Caving. Sailing with trimaran “Northern Passage”. Cooking courses with professional chefs. Fishing, with or without a guide. Lecture with Børge or other expert presenters. Yoga courses…

On Nordskot we have excellent opportunities for all sorts of physical activities. Trekking is great, but there is also a weight room and spinning facilities. We will soon have our own football field, and kayaking is also good training. For cultural experiences we can recommend visiting  the Hamsund Center, the old trading post Kjerringøy, or we can organize our own events on Manshausen with music, humor and joy. Another suggestion is 7 course tuxedo dinner at Villa Haugen on the neighbor Island Grøtøy. Are you interested in the Viking era or ww2 history we can arrange tours to Battery Dietel or guided Viking tour on Engeløya. Or barbecue evening on the terrace outside. Or how about just relaxing in the bar or in the hot-tub?

Northern Passage

The 31 foot trimaran “Northern Passage”, used by Børge Ousland and Thorleif Thorleifsson to sail round the Arctic, have a new home port at Manshausen. The boat will from 2016 be on operation and can be chartered for trips and sailing instruction.

Photos from the sailing trip around the North Pole

Manshausen shall be a place that gives the participants a positive experience, something you will want to come back too. Get in contact to learn what we can do for your company.