Hiking trips

The surrounding area, both on land and on the bigger islands nearby offers great hikes for all levels and difficulties. Trips range from easy strolls on the islands Måløya and Grøtøya to spectacular and breath-taking traverses. All within the immediate vicinity of Manshausen.


Fish has always been a part of the Manshausen story. There are several good spots nearby and the catch varies from place to place and time of year. Halibut is one of the favourites, and during springtime migrating cod comes down from the Barents Sea to spawn in the West Fjord. Pollock and mackerel are also common species in this area.

Rock climbing

The cliffs at Nordskot consist of red granite and offers superb rock climbing. Typical heights on the vertical walls are 20-30 metres. Also here you can choose between all difficulties, from overhang to gentler grades.


The cave at Nordskot is about half an hour stroll away. It is called Resshola, (the troll cave). There is a path going up to the cave but it is rough so you need good boots, headlamps can be borrowed from us. The cave is about 140 metres deep.


Possibilities for diving are many, especially snorkelling, since the locations are protected and the water is relatively shallow and accessible with just mask and snorkel. The water is quite clear most of the year, and clearest during winter and springtime. We have equipment for rent if you want to go snorkelling. If you want to go scuba diving you need to bring your own personal diving equipment (and certificate), but we have a diving compressor, diving led and bottles for rent.


Best season for alpine ski trips is March – April. The area around Norfolda, only half an hour by boat from Manshausen, offers great conditions for long days up and down snow-covered mountain slopes. Typical height of the mountains in Steigen is 700-1000 metres. There is even a glacier in Steigen, Helldalsisen, at 1320 metres. Several of the summits nearby are only accessible by boat.

Other sights

Old settlements, the islands and culture…

Ski & Sail

Manshausen is an ideal base for a spring ski trip by boat. Several peaks are only accessible this way.