How to get to Manshausen.

Express boat to Nordskot                                        

The fast boat (not a ferry, only passengers) terminal is situated in Bodø city centre, next to Hotel Havet. The express boat runs from Bodø to Nordskot mostly every day, then on to Svolvaer (Lofoten) and return.

Travel time Bodø to Nordskot or back is about 1,5 hour. Almost 2 hour from/to Svolvær, Lofoten.

2020 fastboat schedules

– Monday through Saturday departures from the ferry terminal is at 18:00, except Sunday when departure from Bodø to Manshausen is at 19:00
– Departures from Nordskot to Bodø (boat coming from Svolvær) is every day at 07:55, except Saturdays at 09:50 and Sundays at 14:35.

Extra summer departure (June-July-August)

Monday to Friday only,  boat leaving Bodø at 11:25am, arrives Nordskot 12:50, and back from Nordskot  towards Bodø at 14:40, arrives 16:05 (this boat does not go all the way to Svolvær)

Extra boat to Helnessund and private pick up.

To Helnessund there is an extra ferry departure on Tuesdays (departs Bodø at 11:25, arrives Helnessund at 12:30,  and Fridays (15:00 to 16:05) and pickup by car or boat in Helnessund can be agreed.

Helnessund is also the destination if you have rented a car at Steigen Oljeservice. From there it is about 50 minutes ( 45 km ) drive to Nordskot.

Estimated time driving from Bodø is 3.5 hours. Follow E6 from Bodo to Narvik via Fauske. At Tømmerneset follow highway 835 to the left through the 8.2 km long Steigen tunnel. Follow the signs to Helnessund, but turn right on road 635 to Nordskot (just before Leinesfjord). Follow the road until it stops, park close to the marina. You will be picked up by boat from Manshausen.

Map of route from Bodø:

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Arrival by train

There are two (night) trains every day from Oslo to Bodø, with a stop at Trondheim , departure 16:02 with arrival at 09:16 or departure 23:06, arrival 17:32
Info and tickets on:
The last one is just enough to make the fast ferry, since the train arrives 10 minutes walk from the boat. The early train is good for the mid day ferry (only available in summertime)
Grocery and shopping

On Nordskot there is a small supermarket (Nina’s grocery), which has most of the food you need, gasoline, and also some fishing equipment and other essentials. In addition, the Association “Kysten” have made ​​a great coastal museum at Nordskot. The “Gauva Bar” is open every Friday and Saturday during the summer season, with a wonderful mix of visitors and locals.

Nordskot Coastal Museum

Nearest post office, bank , cafes and other shops are either Leinesfjord or Helnessund. What is faster depends on using car or boat.

We have small boats on Manshausen, that are only to be used back and forth to the store and walks on land. Bring cell phone if you need to be picked up at Nordskot.



“Due to allergies, very sorry, but we do not allow dogs at Manshausen”